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About Us

In a digital world mired in noise, business buying has become more complex  than ever. There are 1000s of potential solution providers for every problem, yet finding the right ones has become an exercise in big-data management.

Sales and marketing technology have only contributed to the noise. And this puts salespeople instantly at a disadvantage as buyers who do come to the table are already beyond frustrated.

Inside companies, solution research is like a hot potato. Nobody wants to sign up  because it involves endless  google results, website form fills, million emails, and non-contextual reviews.

SameSide is changing this by giving buyers complete control over the Solution Discovery process. They can now quickly visualize the solution landscape, select the solution stack most relevant to them, and vet recommended partners who will help drive rapid success.

The tables have turned. It’s now the buyer who wants to take control. SameSide gives them that power and allows the salespeople to do what they do best: position their expertise.

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